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Pies and Snake Oil...

Just waiting for my pies to bake...  : ) 

I want to buy oils from this place .  I know, I know, I'm allergic to perfumes, BUT these ones are with essential oils and don't have those chemicals in them that cause my asthma, so I'm going to purchase London and Blood.  OMG, I've had a smell of one of them and it scent my senses in a spin.  Wow.  If miss_rynn  isn't doing a bulk order, would anyone else be interested in doing a group order?


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God thats an amazing website. I'd be up for it.

Cool, we'll see if anyone else is interested and see how we go. It's pretty amazing isn't it? :)

Ok, looks like no one else is interested, so I'll check out the limit of buying a batch, hopefully it's not too much cos I really want to make this purchase, then we'll go from there. :)

I'm finding out that the group order deal is due to getting freight costs down, which sounds like a cool idea to me, so how bouts you ask some of your friends in your journal too? My friend knows miss_rynn as well so she's asking her if she wants to get some too.

I'm very excited about London and Blood. Oooohhh, what great discriptions. Did you see the one called, "Jack The Ripper?"

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