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Somebody Pinch Me!

Ok first of all I NEED A  MAP!!!  Just because I'm an Anglophile doesn't mean I know all the roads of London...  I have always been interested in the culture and the artists of England but never dreamed that I would actually make it there. 

Sooooooooo my lovely readers...  We're booking our first flight to England next Friday.    It will be for a flight in February.  Yes that means I wont get to see some of my favourite people perform on stage,  : ( but there's not much I can do about that now...  I know I wont have an idle moment though.

Thanks for the tips on a place to stay 
kiwisue and thanks for ideas on places to visit  anna_rosa . 

Tony's scared cos he hates change...  *shakes head* and I'm jumping for joy.  What a nice way to cheer up.  : )

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The AA Street by Street guides are the best I've found - you can pick up a pocket edition which is easy to carry around, try a bookshop or newsagent at a BritRail station, the tube newsstands usually don't have them. Larger editions for trip planning you can get here at Dymocks etc.

For "how far?" type research I use the AA Route Planner.

What a relief, I was hoping someone would point out the best maps to use. Thank you so much.

Is getting around London, like trying to get around Sydney? Because if it is, I'm stuffed. I remember how frustrating it was getting lost all the time in Sydney... Although these days I have better luck navigating my way around most places. I wasn't very good at anything back then. You might not find me such a frustrating person these days. Proud to say I've grown a little since then. :)

Ooooh! *goosebumps*

I know, wanna come with us??? You'd make it even more fun! xo

I've been (trying to) save for Scotland (Englands friendly neighbour) in August, but to no avail. I can't get $5000 together for the flight and Edinburugh Festival. Must. See. Tattoo...
The thing is, I want to go on a true holiday, not a working holiday of three to four weeks (or longer if I can stretch my buck).

Fair enough. We're not going to work while we're there for that week, we're only holidaying. That was another change of plan. Tony's visiting museums and castles and I'm doing my thing and going to the theatre. :)

A to Z of London is the only way to go...every self-respecting londoner owns one!

Lol, that reminds me of an episode of Ab Fab, where Edina runs around the block trying to lose weight.

I want to order one off the internet.

PS: I'll add you back to my flist since you've bothered to comment. CHeers. xo

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