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My First Visit to London

I'm a bit worried now, I've got so much to prepare before we go to London...  There's so much to book and consider. 
  • How and where to exchange money.
  • Where to stay.
  • What to visit.
  • What to do.
  • Where to eat.
  • What tours need booking.
  • How to prioritize anything and everything we're doing.
Some good friends on Facebook are helping out with suggestions of places, descriptions of things and websites.  Any other suggestions from people who have the experience would be most appreciated.

Oh and I nearly forgot, what's a good phone company to buy a temporary phone card off?


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1) You can withdraw money from any ATM, or, even safer, by going to a bank teller using your bank card. You can double check with your bank that you'll be able to use your bank card there, most bank these days it's not a problem.
Some people use traveller's cheques...I've never bothered.
Visa is always accepted. =)

2)For a place to stay I highly reccomend renting a small flat. Cheaper than a hotel (when split between at least two people) and you can cook your own meals...I really like this place in Wilsden Green, great location and easy to get to. (

3) For what to do and see check out

You'll also find March is a relatively slow month, so many tours either won't be running or at least won't be very busy.

Make a list of what you want to do, figure when things are actually open, which I've boo-boo'd a few times before. Nothing like travelling halfway across the city only to find museum Y/ resturant X is closed....

Make a rough plan, but leave a few days for spontaneous things too!

Hope this helps. =D

Opps, forgot about the phone. I would actually suggest getting a pay as you go phone or international SIM card if you want to use your own phone. They're not that expensive there and it's really handy to have a phone so that people can call you...especially if your meeting up with people!

Brilliant, I don't feel so lost now. Am going to Smiggles today to buy me a special notebook so that I can carry it everywhere with me in London and make sure I get to do most of the things I planned.

Do you remember the phone company you used when you were there for the card?

I ended up getting a phone from Orange, but there are others, I think Virgin or 3 may be possible cheaper choices with pay as you go. You may have to price compare, see what offers they might have too..
There's also Vodaphone and T-Mobile which just seemed to me more expensive overall, I was also told to avoid O2 like the plague. =S

Interesting, I've already got Vodafone, will check into all of this asap. Thanks for all of your advice.

Wow, there are some great sites to check out but the ones you provided are exactly what I was after. That accommodation one is brilliant. Thanks heaps. xoxo

Definately agree with points one and two, and I don't know enough about the rest to be helpful!
Do you have a credit card? It might be worth getting a VISA or MasterCard (don't bother with anything else) so you have secure money. Tavellers cheques and cash are dangerous. Credit cards can be cancelled easily enough.

When I went, my mum did a lot of the bookings online, and payed for them in advance. It usually meant chaper prices, and you don't have to carry money around.

We both have credit cards, so we'll be safe there. I'm booking as much as I can today. I didn't have any time last night to get some stuff done but today is going to be dedicated to planning.

Thanks. xo

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