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My Feet Hurt...

I'm so embarrassed.  I was politely corrected...  Everyone knows its' Covent Garden, not Coventry...  Lol.

Anyway, we ended up spending most of our time in Camden at the markets.  I bought  a great black jacket, that I will wear to the Sushi Bar tomorrow night and T tried on a bowler hat as well as something very metrosexual.  I was pleasantly surprised.  : )

We've decided to have all of our meals at Preta Manger.  I think that's what it's called?  They're on every corner and are a fast food chain that sells organic food.  I'm really impressed, although we managed to have lunch at a lovely place in China town where I had what they call, "Monk Vegetables," with some beancurd and heaps of Vietnamese sweet chili sauce, which is really different to the Thai version.  It's awesome.

I'm happy, tired and cruisey.  I don't think I've ever been on a real holiday in my life.  This adventure is awesome.

Oh and I nearly forgot, we went to the National gallery. It was a bit dull.  T had some photos of himself taken in front of the Lions.  That looks pretty cool, they're huge.  (I think that area is Trafalga Square.)

And... it did heat up.  My coat was too hot for the rest of the day, but I still wish I had pants on. 

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I love, love, LOVE Camden Market...Some great food there too. Lots of organic and veggie only cafes
I like the National Gallery, if for nothing else it's just to see Whistlejacket bu George Stubbs. Check out the Tate Modern and the British Museum too, both are free and they're awesome.

Ahhh, Pret a Manger (which is just "Ready to Eat" in French). Good coffee there too!

Yeah, I've decided I like China Town a bit more, they make more of what I like? Lol. Thanks for the suggestions. x

My biggest fau par was m mis-prnoucing the name of that big river in London. I was pronouncing it like James, only with a 'Th'. Heheh. The Thames. It makes pefect sense

Lol. I do most stuff like that wrong. If you don't know it's not your fault. People shouldn't be so bloody up tight. x

looks like you're having a blast, so glad to read that!

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