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This is the Bakerloo line, to Elephant and Castle!

Lets start this again shall we?  Today I'm not having a dilemma over make-up, I'm not as tired, I pretty much know what I'm doing but as usual will change at a moments notice.  I never found Soho yesterday, for gods sake.  The maps are confusing, the signs don't lead where they're meant to and you never know exactly where you are.  It's abit frustrating but at least where ever you are there is always something interesting to look at.  Yesterday I don't know where I was at the time but I found an amazing store that sells bdsm stuff.  It was very classy, dark and scented with essential oils.  I really liked it.

I have less expectations of how I want this day to turn out, so I'll probably enjoy it a bit more.

I think my problem is I need lots of attention...  Stop rolling your eyes.  Lol.

Oh and if there is a famous person that I look like, please tell me or maybe I have a birth defect that no one told me about cos I get so many strange looks on the street, on the train, actually where ever I go.  People do things like point and smile, (better than pointing and laughing.)  It's flattering but strange.

There are lots of meterosexual yummy English boys to look at. 

There's so much to say and I can't remember it all.  I'll try and write some of it in my notebook, which reminds me, I have something that I wrote on the plane.  Will have to blog that another time.  Next time I promise.  x

Thanks for commenting, it helps. 


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the maps are confusing, the signs don't lead where they're meant to and you never know exactly where you are.
I got a bit lost around Piccadilly last time and I was with a Brit person, although not a London native. Getting my North/South bearings right helped a lot. Glad you are on an upswing.

thanks. settling down a little now. we had a nice meal in the place we're staying at and we're really tired. I had a meal from M&S and he had a pizza from some halal place down the road. It's all a lot better now. Time for bed soon. Yes, I'm like a nanna. Lol. x

When my Mum and I were over there years ago, and we had trouble finding Soho. We eventually wandered into it by accident one night and had a lovely dinner.
I think it's near the theatre that plays Cats. Sort of...

Lol, I think I'm there most of the time and don't know it. These little towns are so close together and look so similar, but are so different. Luckily they all have something amazing to offer so you're never bored.

So far, thank Goodness I love Covent Garden coz most of my roads have led there. Didn't like Oxford street so much, cos it's kind of dirtier than the others and depressing for some reason. Don't know why. Loved bond street and will be back there soon hopefully. It has all the big designer labels on it. :)

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