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"Sorry Madame, we have no soya...!"

It has been a long day...  I'm very happy and relaxed though.  T and I went to The London Museum instead of the British Museum and it was pretty good.  Not as many school children as usual and even less tourists.   You learn about the London Fires and The Black Death.

We then went off to have lunch at Camden.  I ate at one of the Cafe's that I was hoping to get along to called, "Inspiral."  Was more awesome than expected and I hope to eat there again.  (All vegan, half raw.)  Managed to take  a photo of my left overs which I ate shortly afterwards, couldn't help it.  Then it rained on us.  

We met up with some Australian friends and went to the Camden Stable Markets today and they were pretty awesome.  Made me think of a Clockwork Orange?  I love Stanley Kubrick.  T can't stand him because he can't understand him.  Lol.  There are so many things that he understands that I don't and visa versa.  Oh well.

Then we ate our dinner at the markets.  I had some... actually I don't know, they have these asian food shops in the middle.  They all make you try some of their food then you choose.  I was nearly full on the samples.  T and I told some stories we had up our sleeves.  I actually told a story about myself that I'd never told before about my first beer, and porn mag viewing, that I did with a friend when I was about 10.  It was met with much mirth then we said our goodbyes and went back to our hotels etc.

Tomorrow T is going to the British museum, which I really can't be bothered with, so I'm going to Covent Garden to have a, "soya caramel latte,"  from Costa.  I'm going to read some of my book that I've been getting into then I'm off to that amazing Gallery shop to buy that copy of the Marylin Munroe photos/book.

You might be thinking...  Why on earth is she thinking of reading a book in London?  I never have the luxury of doing so, I'm either cooking for my food blog, looking after Sophia, cleaning the house, looking after everyone's need and the list goes on...  I never get to read, so I'm going to curl up with a book, drink my latte and relax.    : )

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Hi sweetie - it really does sound like you are guys are having fun.. let me know how the Gardens are like, please?

The Garden's? I'm not sure what you mean but everything here is beautiful so far and I think you would like the Temple Church. Oh and the naughty little bdsm shops, mmm I have business cards, we'll visit together one day. x

Ooops! I must have misunderstood - I thought you said you were going to Covent Gardens (hence me thinking you enjoying pretty gardens like our melb botanical gardens)... My bad.. :)

That's ok, there's more concrete than garden here. It's more about cafe's, arty bookstores and gallery shops. Am off to buy a book on Marylin soon. x

I love Camden can be a bit of a zoo on the weekend but still fun. If you're into live music there's some great venues in Camden too!

Kicking back in a cafe with a book is one of the best ways to enjoy london...kicking back in a pub with a pint is pretty good too...=D

yes have done both of the kicking back deals once with friends and once very happily alone. x

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