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Soho, Black and White Stills, Julian Barrett...

It's been a short day today, I'm still thinking of going to do some shopping for British things, can't spell souvenirs...  lol.  Want to see Selfridges and maybe try on that Armarni suit I saw in the window.  My god it was gorgeous!  It was actually a cross between a sixteenth century bodice and 20th century suit with a skirt.  It's so beautiful and the shop assistants liked me so who knows.  If they let me try it on I'll take a photo!  Fingers crossed.

Found Soho today.  Saw the pretty girl at the gallery, found that bookshop and didn't end up liking any of the books that I thought I would except for the one that had one of my favourite artists in it that I've forgotten the name of.

I'm a bit pumped at the moment, I've had a really great day and want to do more before I go to sleep tonight.  T's exhausted after his day at the British Museum, but I've had heaps of sugar and it's cold but not that bad!  English people are so friendly.  

Oh and I ate at this awesome asian vegetarian place, they had all these soy based "meat" stirfries. 

Bye for now Bellas!

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"English people are so friendly" ....only if you're not Irish!

Lol. It's just been my experience, anyone who doesn't speak English has been really rude though.

Why do I get the feeling that you *really* like girls?
: )
Good for you, if you do!

Lol, because I do...*g*

God(s) bless your white cotton socks!
: )

Lol, thank you. Bless yours too. x

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