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Starbucks, Ancient Rome, Gordon Ramsay...

Well hello there!  We're nearly at the end of our trip already and I'm just getting settled in of course. 

Haven't seen any shows but didn't feel like I was missing anything.  Our hotel is like a prison camp and...  we're off to Madame Tusade's today, forgive my spelling, I'm in the, "not caring," mode.  Apparently a, "Wallace and Grommit," exhibition is on today so of course we're going to go to it!  That should be fun.  Still haven't heard from Gordon Ramsay, what a surprise!  Lol. 

I'm looking forward to hugs and photo sessions with friends in Melbourne, we have so many to show.  I also have some new projects up my sleeve, they involve a cookbook (which will be easy because they're all on my blog and so are the photos) and we're also preparing for a new Skinny Chic You Tube channel, who wants free food???  If you help with the videos you'll be fed, very nicely.  If nothing else you'll get to hang out with me, which is pretty cool.  Lol.  Sorry, just trying to force some cheer into my morning, so far I'm not convinced.  I think I'm sad about the fact that I have to leave my favourite city so soon...  *pout*

Bye for now...



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