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"Oh Richard Drive Me Home..."

I'm not familiar with a lot of modern BBC Comedians.  I can vaguely remember the ones that were popular when my dad was my age which is how I got introduced to the BBC, with Carry On films, Are You Being Served, Dave Alan to name a few.  In my teens I started to love The Big Gig and adored The Doug Anthony Allstars.  After those years I went to Uni, didn't finish my degree, got depressed until I married  a lovely guy, we had a baby and the rest is still happening.  A few years after we met he introduced me to a show that he thought I might like called, Little Britain. He had no idea how much I would end up loving that show...  Through Little Britain I was introduced to Jimmy Carr.  I watched an episode of Top Gear that had David Walliams on it and Jimmy Carr appeared with him.  I looked him up on You Tube, he made one sexist joke that I thought was completely unfunny so I switched off.  I never watched Jimmy Carr again.  Yes I'm sensitive.  Oh well.  

Tonight I watched the first episode of Ponderland on Channel 7.  I had to ask Tony not to talk to me during it so I could keep up with this fast talking, intellectual, pervy, psycho-analyzing, theorizing, social critic.  I was impressed.  There he was in his mascara, skinny jeans with shaggy hair.  I still didn't find him physically attractive but he was definitely funny and entertaining.   Definitely worth tuning in next week to see what else he has to offer.

I would have more to say but it's late and it's been a long day, maybe I'll have more to say about his style later on, especially after the next ep.

Edit: 3rd October 2009
I've since watched 8 Out of 10 Cats and loved it.  Jimmy Carr's pretty funny and cool.  : )

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A much as we try to fight it and deny it...Russel Brand has his hilarious moments.

I highly reccomend watching some of hisstand up stuff on YouTube.

I might have sounded a little harsh in my review but I was thoroughly impressed by Mr Brand. If I was at a party, he's the kind of guy I would sit and listen to for ages, I wouldn't want to go home with him but I'd love having a laugh and listening to his stories. He's very clever and engaging. I always like listening to people who have advice for parents, especially when they are childless themselves. He's actually quite insightful, which usually doesn't happen until you have a child.

I'm very surprised that I like him so much.

Hmmm, I have seen him in a suit before, he did do it for me then. Lol. Anything else he wears turns me off. ;)

I love Russell!! You need to go on youtube & watch him on "Big Fat Quiz of the Year" with David. He partners with Noel Fielding & it is honestly one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I've perused his "Booky Wook" & he's definitely had an interesting life, for sure! I don't know if you guys got the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", but he's in that as well & really funny in it. I almost fell over when I saw him in "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler, because he usually does a little more off-color stuff than Disney! I think you won't be disappointed in his stuff!

Hmmm, ok sounds like I have to do a little more research? I'll visit Amazon and see what I can buy. We did get, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I don't go to the movies so I missed it, but I'll watch it now. Bed Time Stories, I never heard of but I'll endeavour to watch that too. Booky Wook, we'll see if I get the time to read...

Oh, but I have seen that snippet with Russell, Noel and David on The Quiz thingy. Noel and Russell were very sweet and witty. I can't remember David's performance. He was probably making passes at Jimmy?

I have some research to do now... Oh and I'll be watching The Graham Norton Show tonight as well, so hopefully it has some interesting guests on it. Who knows. I'm loving ABC2. x

He can be beyond ridiculous at times, esp with the clothes. Yeah, I wouldn't want to take him home either, but he can be quite engaging at times. He has this way of coming out with some incredible sharp wit and insight at the most random moments. You see it most with his stand up...which is what I enjoy the most.
I also love the fact that he's so upfront and even blase about his past and present behaviour.

Yeah, he seems like he'd be a cool person to be friends with. I like the blazeness and for someone who dropped out of Uni rather intellectual. I'm really looking forward to next week. :)

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