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The Erudite Offender

I'm glad I tuned in to see what Russell Brand had to offer for his second episode of, Ponderland...  It was about Pets, wonderfully distasteful...  I don't know how to put it into words... a train wreck?  We know we should be so disgusted that we should switch off and sit there feeling better about our moral high-ground and comforting self-righteousness or we could leave the telly on and have a bit of a laugh.  

Russell Brand and Matt Morgan put together a show that needs your full attention, you need to be British or an Anglophile at the least otherwise you will miss quite a few, "in jokes."  Russell gives his critique on strange things that people do such as have sexual relationships with their pets.  It's disturbing but the way he presents it, makes you laugh and wonder why on earth it happens at all.  I guess that's why they call it Ponderland.  It makes you think about it afterwards.  It makes you wonder beyond yourself and your own little world, which is what comedy should do.  It's a sociological exercise that encourages people to be less insular by watching it, then all talking about it the next day at work or school or knitting circle, whatever you do.  Russell Brand in my opinion is doing a fine job of keeping my toes curled, my ears pricked, and my tummy aching from laughter.  Quick witted and fine acting.  

I think he has even thinner thighs than me?  Lol.


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