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My mind is racing but I've gotta get some sleep...

Can I just say...  I've had a great day and all but at the end of it, once again I read something horrible that someone wrote about me in public (on the net).  It gives me a taste of what famous people go through when they're in the paper and some people start posting comments that judge their personality, their choice of clothes, their weight etc.  It leaves you with a horrible feeling.  It's made worse by the fact that you have to hold your tongue and let it ride and be forgotten... slowly.  People just don't realise how much they hurt someone's feelings when they do that sort of thing. 

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For years and years now, I've niether heard nor read anything particularly bad about myself, yet I'm convinced that nasty gossip goes on out there.

In a way it's nice to know, but like you say: It still hurts.

I can safely say that I don't speak to or associate (by choice) with ANYONE who says nasty things to, or about me.

And all the better to you for being the bigger person and not reacting to their bait!

You just can't react, it just makes things worse. When people do things like that they show their infantile side, so I try not to stoop down to that level. Not only that, you have to be careful what you right on the net, it could end up being there forever and you don't want it to reflect badly on yourself. I try to think twice before I publish. At least do two drafts. I don't know, it also just shows bad form, lack of manners and respect.

Anyone who says bad things about you.. does not know you. End of story.

All you're reading is their fears, their insecurities, their self-hate on the page. It's got nothing to do with you, and it's not really about you.

You're a wonderful person with a pretty awesome life. If they're wasting time making up things about you, then their life must be pretty sad in comparison, I'd say.

Or, you know, you could just kick em in the junk. I'll help. :)

So we need boots and boxing gloves, just kidding, I'll just let it ride. :) Thank you for you kind words.

I'm sorry that someone did that. Somehow, being on the net kind of gives people power they don't have in reality. I know people who are the sweetest people in "normal" life, but when they get on myspace or their blogs, they just turn into these catty, nasty people! It bugs the crap out of me, because I was always taught that if you couldn't say it to their face, then you shouldn't say it at all. (along with the whole "if you can't say something nice..don't say anything at all!") I know I've said some things about people on the net, but honestly, I didn't say anything that I wouldn't have said if the person was sitting in front of me...& they deserved it too!! It does kind of suck, because if you try & defend yourself, then people think it's true. But if you just ignore it, they think it's true as well! Stupid circle!! ;) If you read something you don't like, go to someplace else, like this, where you've got more than enough people who know you & support you. That'll fix any hurt least it does for me!

(was that soapboxy enough for you? :D lol)

*hugs* Right back buddy. Thank you. I believe the best thing to do is not say anything and let people think what they want about it all. Otherwise it takes even longer to go away. I feel heaps better now anyway. I cheered myself up by making and eating Low Fat, Low GI, Raw Chocolate Cupcakes with my friends.

You know... these people who said these things wouldn't dare say it to my face. That's what I think anyway. I would love it if they did, they'd be so sorry they started. I'm going to take a few deep breathes now and have a cup of tea. I don't like thinking about them. People can just be so immature sometimes. It's even worse when you look at what they wrote, it's based on the truth but completely twisted to make me sound like a monster. *shakes head* I'm over it. Gonna think about what I'm going to knit next and go play with Sophia.

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