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Where d'ya get that cheese???

It was about Food tonight.  Being the Skinny Chic, it would be a shame for me not to have seen it.  Not only that, the bastard made me laugh.  It's not fair I was trying my hardest to be miserable and then I cracked a smile, that grew into laughter, then a belly ache.  See what you've done Mr Brand???  I'm happy now!  Happy now???  *shakes her head with a smile on her face*

It was interesting to see that Mr Brand had a weight problem when he was a teenager.  No one laughed when he showed the real picture of him as a slightly plump teenager.  I think it's because it looked so unlike him.  Not too sure, maybe something went wrong in the editing room but it was a strange moment in the show.  The audience could have been doing something weird like being polite, who knows.  I thought he looked fine.

If you haven't been watching, too bad, I'm not going to describe the whole show to you.  Here were my favourite parts:
-Woman and the Gay Shark comments.
-Penguin Biscuits - Message for Racism.
-All the Archival Footage -where the hell do they get it all?  It's so funny and easy to pick on.    : )
-Maggot Pate.
-Story about the fishing trip with the Cannibal.  

I thought that Mr Brand was a bit harsh on the guy who recycled rubbish into, "art."  Bully... I mean it was crap, but you didn't -have to be so mean about it... Other than that, it was too short.  It's so more-ish. 

Don't forget to look out for, "Get Him to the Greek," which can be found at Russell Brand's Website:


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