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Living in the moment...

I know I've asked this question on my Twitter before, but now I'm being personal about it.  Do you really live in the moment?  Are you able to lose yourself in a moment and thoroughly enjoy and fully experience the present moment when doing anything?

It's something I strive for all the time.  it's so hard for me, I tend to be such a dreamer.  I really wish I could focus 100% on whatever it was I was doing.  I guess that's why I like writing because it's usually the only time I'm fully immersed in what I'm doing.  Lately I've been more focused,  that's why I was prompted to write this post .  I for once in my life feel like an ok mother.  I spent time reading to Sophia, having tickles and cuddles with her and just thinking about her happiness and well being for most of the day, (unless someone else was looking after her).  Usually I'm distracted with several other tasks and/or things. 

Recently I have been doing some meditation which has helped me focus my thoughts.  When you can really manage to live in the moment, it's a really different experience.

This is another reason I have learnt how to knit and am learning Renaissance Dance, music and cooking.  (Even when I knit my mind wonders.)

How do you live in the moment or are you a dreamer like me?  : )

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Do you really live in the moment?
No. But I do appreciate the good times - that's when I'm most likely to be living in the moment. I daydream and get lost in my own little world so often. I mull over the past (although I try not to, honest!) but I try not to do that too much. It brings my mood down like a tonne of bricks.

Are you able to lose yourself in a moment and thoroughly enjoy and fully experience the present moment when doing anything?
Not when doing anything. I often have to physche myself up for a big party and it can take days to prepare myself mentally. I need to have slept well and eaten well before I do something big. It's amazing the amount of things I've 'missed' because I had to leave and get food, or have just crashed out on a couch!

All that said, I can get VERY concentrated on some things - to the point where I don't see what others are doing and hear what anyone's saying. It's sort of like daydreaming, only in a very focused way.

Hmmm, I think this is why we get along. I think our personalities, at times, can be like two little old ladies that like things a certain way, hate loud, don't like crowds, need to really want to go to a party if we're going to bother.

Good times with friends are a great way that I get lost in the moment too. :)

Thanks for your comment. x

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