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Meeting Gordon Ramsay...

Here is that video of me meeting Gordon Ramsay.  I don't look very nice in it, but it's my only proof.  Notice how he puts my business card into his back pocket?  Lol.  He'll probably leave it in his jeans and it will get mushed in the wash.  *shrugs*

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How cool was that?! What did you say to him? At least he took your card & didn't just hand it off to someone else. How cute when he put his arm around you! I knew you'd find a way to meet him!

Thanx Jenn. We both put our arms around each other but his assistants said, "only 3 photos!" So I got three, we weren't hugging in any of them and only one turned out. So not the happy ending I was expecting there for that one but I still got to meet him and he called me, "darling." :)

I'd prefer to keep what I said to myself, if that's ok. Thanks for your lovely comments. *hugs*

Hey, a "darling" from Ramsay is as good as a knighting from the Queen, isn't it? ;) I had kind of the same experience with Josh Groban. It was the first time I'd met him & only got one picture with him. He looks like he's closing his eyes, because he's looking down signing an autograph for me, & I just looked horrible. But I figure that proof is proof!! ;)

It's pretty cool, but I'm sure he was just being polite. Hang on? It IS Gordon Ramsay we're talking about here... He's usually so abrupt with people. I guess it was pretty cool for him being in a bad mood and all. :)

He was given a few business cards by some other people. He put their's on a bench next to his table, but for me... It was straight into the back pocket. It would so cool if he actually looked at my skinny chic blog and liked it for real.

Lol, thanks buddy. Hope you are well, oh and hope your neck is lovely and warm. :)

Oh yeah! My neck has been toasty all afternoon.
All the females who see me wearing the scarf comment on how good it is and how well the colour suits me. The boys don't seem to notice - to them, it's just 'clothes'! lol!

I tried to get more of that wool but by the time I got back it was sold out. It's very pretty. I love your scarf. Lol. Boys are pretty bad at noticing that sort of thing. :)

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