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I've been very busy of late...

Today started at 5am, I spent 4 hours on the set of Rush, second Series.  It was on location in Footscray.  It was really exciting, with police cars and a suicide attempt scene.  There was catering and all of the cast and crew were really lovely.  Such a different experience for me in this Extra's Journey.  Oh and I nearly forgot to mention, I've changed Agents.  The last one hadn't spoken to me for three months so I signed up with Azure.  Azure sent me an email after seeing some of my photos last Tuesday, then on Friday I had an interview, then Sunday I had a professional photo shoot for my portfolio, on the Monday I got a call to work on Rush and go to an Extra's casting session at Southern Cross Studios at the Docklands for a Hollywood Horror Film.  I was the only Extra out of about fifty who were filling out forms that actually wore the clothes and make-up that we were told to wear by our Agents.  Lol.  I thought I was the odd one out but that turned out to be a good thing.  The woman taking our photos, lent forward and whispered, "thank you for bothering to wear what we asked."  Good to be a nerd sometimes.  : )

I would give more details, but I'm completely exhausted and have to go cook dinner. 


Edit: 30th August 2009
The movie turned out to be, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," with Katie Holmes in it...

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I've had that sort of thing happen to me before, where I've been SO different from everyone around me I assume I must be the one in the wrong, only the find out I'm the only one in the right! It's a good feeling!

It's pretty funny when it happens. :)

Wow, you have been busy!! It sounds like you're having a good time & good on changing agents. Why stay with someone who obviously doesn't care? Hopefully this one will take good care of you & get you lots of jobs!! ;) Hugs!!

Yeah, you have to have one that cares otherwise there's no point. Fingers crossed with this one. x

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