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Chocolate Cake

This was the most emotional thing I ever prepared for my Skinny Chic Blog.  Here were the reactions of those that ate it.

Tony: Hmmm, that actually tastes good?

Mum: Nooooooo, I can't eat that it's fattening!!!

Dad: You're very innovative, my clever clever girl.  Please make a habit of it. 

Marylou: Crying tears of joy at my father's approval, sitting with a look of disbelief as my husband eats a Raw Chocolate Cake with Soya Cream on top and loves it???  Trying to convince my mother of the fact that it is non-fat, low gi and actually good for her.  They found it hard to believe.

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Can I use honey instead of Agave?

I've been asked this before. Yes, you definitely can use honey. I just use it because I don't have an allergic reaction to it, the way I do with sugar and honey. :)

Ah, yeah sorry, that's Nectar of a cactus or something. Tastes like toffee. Really yummy and safe for diabetics to use as a sweetner. x

Here's a way better link for the Agave Nectar...


That is mouth watering!

Thank you Anonymous, it was and makes me hungry everytime I see it. ;)

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