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My Dance Classes

The sign that lets you know you're in the right place.

Sometimes we have live music.

Tiffany is an awesome teacher and is very patient with me.  : )

Me pretending to know what I'm doing.  Easier in a group.

Estel right after she climbed under the table.  : )

I'm really trying to take in what I'm learning but I'm always so tired...

This is Paul, he also teaches us, he's also very patient with me.  : )

Carey with the hat on, is saying goodbye.

Me, not paying attention.  : )

These two were the last two standing, this dance went on...

Gil, has a lot of energy, he's the blurry boy...  : )

Gil was the last man standing in that other dance...  Go Gil.  : )

Ah, so he does slow down.  Awesome. 

Sweethearts...  : )

Taking a break.

Thanks you to everyone who let me screw around with my camera while everyone was trying to concentrate.  Thank you Tiffany and Paul for being such lovely teachers.  x

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Random observance: Is your spine out of whack?

No, when I'm relaxed I stand on an angle. :) These are stills, not illustrating how I move around the space. It's looks a little like I'm doing freeform dancing when I'm just standing around. I kick the air a lot too apparently, not ninja style or anything, more like a dancer. x

I only mention it because I have some problems with my spine being a bit curved to the side so I tend to lean on one leg more than the other.
Also, I was very drunk last night at 12:44am, so there was no 'brain to keyboard filter' on :P

ok. I don't stand still for very long, so it seems like I can't stand straight. I think there's one or two photos where I'm standing straight, probably not for long though. x

Hey marylou... you're right about the photos, very nice and my favourite is the recorder and sheet music ofcourse :)

apparently when my recorde arrives I'm only allowed to play it for 5 minutes a day in the first week, then 10 minutes a day in the second week...then 15..and so on and so forth, this process is called "blowing in" the recorder. Something to do with...not getting too much spit on the wood too soon maybe ?? lol...interesting.

I'm waiting for my driver instructor grrr he is late. Maybe he forgot me?

I better call him, and I will see you soon for yoga!

xox Charles

*grin* Thanks Charlie. That recorder thing does sound interesting? I'm so glad I've found mine and the book that will teach me how to play it. Lol.

I have the room and everything else ready. Looking forward to our Yoga session. :)

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