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Just for the Record


Marylou: 1 year old. 

Marylou: Age 4 Making Wine

Marylou: Age 5

Marylou: Age 5 Being Taught How to Make Bread.  My mum
is on the left of the photo.

Marylou: Age 7 Received an Award for Highest Acheiver in her Ballet Class.

Marylou and Mum: Age 9 Buying Fresh Fish Bun in Cyprus

Sophia: Straight Out of the Womb

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How cute!!! I love the one of you from the ballet award. I think Sophia looks like you. Do you keep her hair longer because your mom kept yours short? My sister keeps my niece Sadie's hair long because of that reason! Our Sophie can't get hers to grow too long yet, but she is only four! :) I love seeing pictures of people as kids. I've got some doozies!! That's the luck of being the oldest...everyone wants to take your picture!!

Thank you. I love that one too. I felt very proud of myself that day and obviously my father was proud too. He's the one behind the camera in every photo. That one guy in the wine making photo is my adopted Hungarian Uncle Johnny. :)

My mum believes that if you cut hair it makes it stronger, which it never has. Sophia's hair is really thick, so we don't have that problem, we just need to make sure it's out of her face while she eats and does crafts.

My hair was basically cut for the first time around the age of 7. I wanted to look like a boy, because my dad always held males in higher regard. I wore boys clothes as much as I could as you can see from the pic of me in my ballet class and me in Turkey/Cyprus. I was cast as a sailor in the show we put on for our parents on that day and the other little girls were fairies. I didn't mind though. :)

from cathy

I loved reading all about you and your British fetish. Thanks for sharing. So, you made wine as a child?... my father also made wine and I tasted!
I do love ayran though! and.... most things Turkish although I have a lot to learn still.
The wish list is very important~ you are attracting all your wishes. They may be slow to come around but, they will my friend~ they will.


It's a daily fetish, I'm obsessed with London. :)

I find JK Rowling very inspiring, apparently she was very poor before she got discovered. I'd love to ask her how she got through the tough times.

David Walliams is a clever, funny, driven young man, and I'd love to interview him about his Channel Swim, his inpirations and how he gets through darker times.

Thank you for always checking up on me and leaving comments that always make me cry or be inspired. (Cry in a good way.)

Oh and I created that button for my profile page, look what happens when you click on the image. ;)


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