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Thanks to Mike & Tony I have been Edified and will never say, "who's Eddie Izzard," again...

Actually Eddie Izzard is really funny and both David Walliams and Eddie Izzard are laudable human beings, no matter what newspapers say about either. 

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I was about to ask the same question, but I realized within 2 seconds of watching the first link, I know this guy.


Yes, I didn't think that one was as funny as these two, but Tony liked that one. :)

I'd never really heard of him until now. Charity work DOES get you into the paper. Must remember that one. Lol. Just kidding, wish I could afford to do more than just feel sorry for people with less. I'd love to just do charity work all the time. :)

How about BushCare? Or selling stuff in Vinnies one morning?

I've been thinking about volunteering for theRSPCA again and have definitely starting thinking about something like walk against want. I have quite a few people who would be interested in walking a great distance and getting sponsored to do so, so we can give it to charity.

Will let you know what I come up with. :)

I love the Darth Vader one! I actually watched it the other night, because they had it playing on BBCAmerica. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes! I love his stuff!!

I love both of these a lot. I didn't know who he was, so our friend Mike sent Tony some vids and I had a watch. Tony loved them more than me which is weird, we don't like much of the same stuff. :)

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