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Skinny Chic

It might not mean anything to anyone else, and I don't even know for the life of me if anyone even reads Closer magazine in London or the rest of England for that matter, but... I'm in it this week.  Forgive me for being a little proud of my fierce look in my photo that is a plug for my Skinny Chic Blog.

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OMG, so proud of you! they could at least get the X factor guys to smile!
and look like you have been place in the closer choice, so that way you will get more hit and the attendtion deserve!

Live Long and Prosper, ML!

Lol, I never thought of it that way. It's out now, so I suppose I better go check my Skinny blog. :)

It's kind of awesome. It hasn't changed my life or anything. It might feel a bit more real when I receive my copy of the mag in the mail. The boys from The X Factor are pretty cute. I like how no one is smiling, we're all trying to do serious model poses. Like we're special or something lol.

Sorry I haven't commented on this can give me a smack at your leisure!! I think it's pretty freaking cool!!! I hope a ton of people have hit your site because of it!

I basically got consistant high hits over the week, which is different to any other kind of result that I've had with doing a plug for my food blog. Usually it works out so that I have one day of a huge number of hits, but this was high for the whole week. Overall a good result. Thx for commenting on it, no smacks required. :)

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