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Beautiful Things Make Me Happy...

I'm trying to do as many calm things as possible today. I've had a pretty busy morning. I'm taking a break before I do the rest.

When I was in London earlier this year I mentioned a favourite Visual Artist, but I don't think I mentioned his name. I thought I might give you a taste of this interesting man's work.

Mark Ryden

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hey ML,

i hope things are going ok at home. you fave artist Mark, has some really fanstaic work, i can some of his work hanging in your home!
he has a doll like effect in his work, with a bit of humor in them.

michelle (dvdastarr)

Thanks Michelle,

I'd be very selective of what I'd put up in my home. I've got his book, The Tree Show and it's amazing. I bought it from a bookstore in Soho. :)

I like that these paintings are both innocent and so very serious at the same time.

Yes, cute but intense. :)

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