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Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down by Janet Street-Porter

I just finished reading it and I loved it. I had no idea it was going to be so connected to my current situation. If you're having a great time in life and everything's in it's place, it's a great read about the culture of Britain. It talks about politician's and their campaigns to get us to...basically do whatever they want and make it sound like they are doing something to help us while they sit on their plump backsides eating 8 course meals, telling us to save by eating left-overs and recycle... (It also talks about behaviour during war time and class differences.)

However, if you are having a bit of a crap time in life...Like myself, lost my job, have to move house, have no money or renting references... *sigh* then this book is an excellent read and shows you how to save and be more creative with your time and little money that you may have. It has taught me to be more social. I have started going out with my friends more and appreciating their company. It's hard for me as I'm so used to spending so much time alone, but it's been nice. I wont start growing my own veggies but I have started taking more care of my note books by decorating them with pictures I like etc. Doesn't sound like much, but it's made me happier, made me feel a bit creative, made my stuff more personal and is a damn site cheaper than going to the movies. It's also prompted me to make a little gift for Tony that I know he'll love when he sees it, can't tell you what yet, but basically it's homemade and will mean more to him than any stupid hallmark card or other plastic rubbish that I might find that will bring 2 seconds of happiness in comparison.

Soon we will have to move into a smaller house, we'll have to leave quite a bit of furniture behind because it simply wont fit into whatever we can afford. We might not take on a home phone or just put one in that can only receive calls so Tony's mum can call it once a week. We'll have to make a lot of changes to make our money stretch further, but I'm pretty cool with that now that I've been given a whole lot of ideas from Janet Street-Porter.

Read the book, be creative.

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I think the trick to life is to keep changing until you're happy, but also not to fall into the trap of thinking just because something makes you happy at one time, means it will always make you happy.
You've got to look out for number one, and then caring for and loving others will fall into place naturally. It's really hard to love others when you can't love yourself.

And good friends are life savers. There's nothing like a reality check from another perspective!

They're my lessons this year. Hopefully I'll remember them, and add to them!

Yeah, hard to remember when you're in the depths of feeling crap. We just have to not give up on ourselves and each other. xx

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