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Intangible- Artist Maria Palova

I've never really been into Christmas...

We never even had a tree at Christmas time while growing up.  It might sound weird to you guys but, my parents were Muslims when they were kids and then just before I was born, they became Christians, so it's been a kind of confused kind of end of year celebration each time.  To me, it doesn't matter what time of year it is, it's always nice to receive gifts.  Thanks dvdastarr  I love the two little figures/salt and pepper shakers that are hugging and I laughed my titts off when I saw this book.  It also made me a little sick.  ; ) x

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i believe this book is a great diet book. it show you what NOT to eat, and makes you feel sick after reading it that you really dont want to eat. so grab an apple instead!

still love the book

That's a great point. I felt positively awful looking at some of those photos. Thanks for preparing a fruit platter for us to munch on while we looked at it, I'm not sure if I would have coped as much without the fresh and yummy fruit to distract my imagination.

The books great. Now we just need someone to publish my blog book to complement it. :)

Looking at the title of the book make me giggle too. And reminded me of this totally gross link (WARNING - NOT VEGE FRIENDLY!!) :

Yeah I know, it's very nauseating. *g*

Just looking at it makes my arteries start to clog! LOL

So Michelle was right, it is a great diet book. Lol.

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