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Just a little bit excited...

Today I received my contract to perform at The Knox Festival.  I'm on the program, I have parking permits and nearly everything is ready.  In case you haven't heard, I'm doing a cooking demo for The Knox Festival.  One of their themes this year is Multicultural Food, so the organisers asked me what my background was... When I told them I was Turkish, their eyes lit up and they asked if I could do a cooking demonstration.  I said yes immediately.  I'm so pumped about it!  I'm really looking forward to the show, meeting people and answering questions. 

I'll be cooking my Turkish Dish while George Kapiniaris or Ben Higgs interviews me.  They'll be asking me about the dish, my background and Skinny Chic.  I'll be in Area B on the Ethni-City Cultural Kitchen Stage at 3:30pm on the 27th of Feb which is the Saturday on that weekend.

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I'm so looking forward to it. I know I'll be nervous, but loving it all the same. :)

Thanks. x

Ooooh! That's so cool!! Have fun! :D

I'm sure I will. Thanks mate. x

Wish you guys weren't in Sydney...

I know! It sucks!
*has a temper tantrum* :P

Oh well, maybe someone can find a reason for me to do a demo in Sydney some time soon. :)

I'm so excited for you! I know how passionate you are about this & it's such an amazing opportunity. You go & rock the crap out of it, & can't wait to hear all about it! Good luck & you'll do great!! Hugs to you!!!

Jumping out of my skin! I just got an email from Melbourne's Turkish Radio and they are going to give me a plug this week! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *hugs*

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