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Tonight's Lesson: Communication

Tonight's lesson was awesome, led by Zana.  The lesson was on proper communication and we also discussed how we would like others to perceive us.  It was all very interesting and there was a lot of discussion and philosophy.  It was a very well balanced lesson.

Things I wanted to point out that I have learnt and gained from doing this course so far:
  • How to carry myself.  (Deportment.)
  • How to accessorise.
  • Confidence has built up quite considerably.
  • Responses from others improved.
  • Use olive oil instead of hair serum.
  • I now apply my make-up a little better.
After my first week of the course, I was practicing my walk and stance while at the shops and a man actually stopped in front of me and said, "Wow!" As I walked on with a smile on my face.  I was wearing the usually clothes I wear but my attitude and confidence were different.  It made an impact on everyone that took notice of me.

I'm really enjoying this course and learning a great deal.  I highly recommend it.

I followed more of the rules of style tonight, whether I pulled it off alright is another thing but I was happy in what I was wearing and felt great.

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Yay! These all sound like good things.

Thank you. The course has made a big difference to my life and I'm so much happier. x

Lookin' good there!
I'm interested in this using olive oil instead of serum. Is that a daily thing, or a once a week/ fortnight 'treatment'? I use an anti-frizz every day, and before that I used a hair gel that washed out with water (but I can't find the strong hold one anymore so that's why I switched to the serum).
Would the oil a) work on serious frizz, and b) not get too oily?

Thank you for the lovely complement. x

The oil I have started to use as a daily serum, like normal hair serums, especially after I've used my hair straightener. So long as you don't put it near your roots then you're generally not going to get really oily hair. It's magic on the ends though.

It should work wonders on your frizz hon. :)

Remember you don't need much of it for it to do it's job.

Once again thanks for your complement and thanks for taking the time to make a comment. x

Ahhh! You straighten your hair. Okay, so I'd need to use even less than you, because I get out of the shower, let it dry for a bit, then add product, and allow it to do it's thing. :)

Did they happen to mention if it matters what quality oil you use? I know it does in cooking... but I don't eat my hair!

Interesting question. I would buy the best since it's going to last you a long time anyways. It's a great investment. As you know serums can cost the earth and only last at the most a month. A good bottle of olive oil will last for ages, I've had mine for about 3 months, I use it on my neck too sometimes. :)

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