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Coles TV Commercial...

This is a bit of a late post, sorry...  I had a particularly bad week, until I got some work doing a Coles TV commercial.  I had been given two opportunities to do an audition for the Ad but I had two other appointments at the time so I missed out, then I got the call to be one of the extras, so less money but work and money none the less.

It was a fun day, met lots of interesting people, the job itself was a lot of fun.  I was also introduced to the world of Dolly Eyes by one of the other Extras which was interesting.  I really enjoyed looking at the Japanese version of Vogue with her.

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Wooo!! Great news!!
I'm going to keep and eye out for you! Do you know when/ where the ad will air (free to air/ pay TV/ Coles website?)
:D :D :D

I'm not sure if you'll actually see me in it, because I didn't end up doing one of the featured extra roles, there may be a glimpse of me. It was good pay though. We worked from 6am to 4pm.

I don't think it will be on their website, but it will definitely air on free to air telly, so you'll just have to watch out for it. :)


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