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The Cooking Demos at Bayswater Street Party!

Hello There!  You're all probably wondering how the Cooking Demo went!  It was totally awesome.  I had sprained my finger earlier that week, but then it healed up just enough for me to be able to not only continue doing the two cooking demos that I had said yes to, but I was also able to help my work colleague Steven Kain from The Knox City Council with set up.   We started at 8:30am and went until around 4pm. 

We were blessed with the best weather you could ask for, there was a very attentive and receptive crowd.  We had people watching, asking questions and loads of people coming over for samples.  The positive feedback was very encouraging and well appreciated. 

I'd like to say thank you to Steven Kain, who had enough faith in my talents to be able design the Kitchen with him and make it a reality on the day.  I had the opportunity to have experience in bringing together a project and assisting in the realisation.  (It was huge!)

Steven assisted with cooking while I spoke with our MC Andrea from Knox Community Health and the crowd.  Then we swapped over and I assisted Steven  with his cooking demo.  From start to finish, we made The All Foods, All Cultures Kitchen come alive.

Feedback on Steven's Cooking Demo: You absolutely rocked!  Couldn't believe how much more confident you were this time.  I didn't think there was room for improvement in your performance, but you proved me wrong and stole the show.  Well done.  It was an honour to cook side-by-side with such a passionate chef who's cooked a ridiculous amount of meals for meals on wheels and so many huge Events.  Your intelligence, work ethic and good nature make you an amazing person to work with and learn from.  Thanks again.

This is a pic of me assisting Steven with his demo.  He cooked the Penne Pasta dish that he served up at the Stringy Bark Festival, so scroll down to that post for the recipe.  If you want a handout from my demos, leave me a message or email me and I'll send you an attachment.  My demos were about Allergy Free Cooking and Eating Lifestyles that require restriction.

Edit: 24th November 2010

I totally need to mention and thank Hyacynth, the other Cooking demonstrator we had on the day, who did a tremendous job under the circumstances, (it was hot and she was making a curry.)  I also need to say a great big thank you to Andrea for doing our MC work on the day.  Andrea was engaging, asked all the right questions and facilitated audience participation with great professionalism.  AND thanks again to Catherine for also having enough faith in me leading up to the day and on the day.


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