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Tabor College and details of my next cooking demo... : )

I suppose some people are wondering whether I got into Tabor College to do the Course I've always wanted to do... Indeed I did.  I enrolled yesterday into the Bachelor of Theology Majoring in Ministry.  I'll be studying part-time and starting off with Introduction to the Old Testament and Introduction to Biblical Interpretation.  I'm very excited about it all.  I'm very excited about my life in general at the moment, so happy to say.  Sophia will be attending Pre-school 3 days a week and I'll be at Uni once a week, one of my subjects is online.  I dare say I'll be making more than one trip a week to the Library for books and study though. 

Basically these days my life consists of being fully involved with my Church, I'm always rostered on for something. I am one of the Welcomers at the door, I've started doing Bible Readings in front of our Congregation and I bake cakes and muffins for morning tea every Sunday.  I attend study groups with my friends and read stuff about God...a lot... My favourite band is News Boys and my new favourite writer is Max Lucado.  This kind of life might be boring to some, but to me... it fills my heart with Joy.

I've also been going along to other Church services to experience different styles of Sermons and Preachers so I have a variety to be inspired by.  I absolutely love my Church and consider them my spiritual family, but it is very nice to go along to more than one service in a day to worship God again.  : )

And if you're reading this and have some advice or a contact, I'm looking for a Life-Coach, Christian of course.  Message me.

Details for my next Cooking Demo:

Knox Festival

On the weekend of the 5th of March 2011

Ethni-City Kitchen Area B

Time of Demo: 3:30pm to 4pm


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