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The Flash

Abraham's Completion Or Elevation of Spirit

This year I will be studying The Old Testament and Interpretation of the Bible.  Of course I'm reading over the holidays and one of the books I'm reading inspired me to write an embellished version of the Story of Abraham and his Son Isaac.


There once was a guy who lived in a time where there weren't too many distractions.  You know like MTV, Multimedia, Cinema, Advertisements, etc.  (Nothing is more distracting and intrusive than Advertising...)  He lived in an era where, reading, writing, daily tasks, prayer, eating and sleeping, took up most of his time.  He had a wife named Sarah and she couldn't have any children.  The world wasn't over-populated like ours is now.  No one ever thought strange thoughts like, "yeah I don't think I'll have children, there's enough in the world anyways..."  HAVING CHILDREN WAS ONE OF THE REASONS FOR LIVING.

Without children, he did everything else very piously.  (Sorry, that's a big word for those who barely care about what I'm writing... it just means he's doing everything with great devotion to God in mind all the time.)   God noticed this and favoured him,  so they exchanged numbers and had each other on Speed-dial.  God spoke with this guy all the time.  His heart was pure, he worked hard, he was honest and had a very healthy Awe of God.  He never really did anything wrong, just did what God wanted him to do.  He obeyed and thanked without fault.  The Adversary (meaning the Angel of Death...) came to God and said, "This guy is totally devoted to you right now, but what if we took something away from him that he really loved, would he still love you this much?"  God told the Adversary to leave him alone, so the Adversary left Abraham alone.  Afterall, the Adversary is a gentleman and only ever does things with permission and invitation...

After a while, God's favour for Abraham grew and he decided to give Abraham and Sarah a son.  Abraham thought this was ludicrous, considering his and Sarah's age.  They were old buy now and it seemed like a strange gift after all these years.  That didn't mean that Abraham wasn't willing to receive, he just thought it was weird.  Sarah laughed and God thought.  "I'll show these two who's God!  Nothing is impossible for me.  Besides, I know it will make them happy and I love making good people feel happy."    

To Abraham's and Sarah's astonishment, God's Will came about and they had a son and they named him Isaac.  Isaac brought many years of happiness to both Sarah and Abraham and would be the beginning of a wonderful Lineage for them.

One day (around Isaac's 37th Birthday,) the Adversary came back to God and said, "You really should test these guys, seriously.  If I just take away one little thing, I bet you Abraham just drops everything and spits in ya face."    God in all his majesty says to the Adversary... "Go on then, do your worst and see what happens."  (God doesn't do this to be cruel, he does it because he knows if Abraham can do this, Abraham will experience a spiritual shift that will bring him closer to God.  God loves us so much, he'll sit and wait (a life time if need be) while we go through something extremely tough to be able to truly and deeply feel his presence and love.) 

The Adversary comes up to Abraham and says, "God said, you should go over to that there Mountain,  make an Altar and sacrifice your son on it, to show that you love him."  Abraham thought this was weird... (as you would...)  He says, "Sure I'll just flick God an email and make sure that's actually what he said..."  The Adversary stands next to Abraham's Laptop while Abraham taps away and then presses send.  The Adversary looks cool and non-shallant while Abraham sweats and waits for God to respond.  An email pops through (he checks the address:,  it's correct, his heart sinks,) and Abraham opens it up.  Sure enough, God has replied with, "Yep, that's right, I told the Adversary to do his worst, I guess he did his best.  Sorry Abraham, you must do what he says."  His phone beeps and it's a message from God again, "Believe the email, what he says is true."  Abraham hears the Fax machine spew out a piece of paper, it reads, "I'm sorry Abraham, you must do what he says."  Abraham sighs and looks at the ground as he contemplates his next move.  The Adversary leaves Abraham and pays a visit to God.  God and the Adversary sit on a cloud together and watch Abraham as he makes slow and deliberate moves towards his special task.  Abraham sits in his den and cries.  He cries so hard, his head hurts. He coughs and spit falls from the side of his mouth.  He swallows tears, he beats his chest and forehead with his fists. His eyes are bulging and red.  Then he takes deep breaths, dries his eyes and prepares an extremely sharp knife.  Isaac walks in, he's laughing about something funny that one of his servants said about donkeys and their stubbornness...  He looks at his father and stops laughing.  Abraham doesn't make a sound as a tear rolls down his cheek, as he thinks of his son as an infant, how happy Isaac made them feel.  He thinks about the dreams he had for Isaac for the future and how they would all vanish as soon as he slashes Isaac's throte.  (Abraham has been sitting in the den for an hour by now and is calm, with his heart fixed on God's Will, as Sarah weeps in the dinning room.  She begged him not to do it, but he never spoke a word, just prepared himself for what had to be done.) 

Isaac listens and agrees.  His heart is racing, for a second he thinks, "If I just manage to distract dad for a second, I'll be able to run to Moses' place and I'll hide out until I work out how to get away from this task that Dad thinks he has to do."  Then he realises that Moses will probably bring him back to his Dad on a a Donkey with some servants that will make sure he doesn't get away, and thinks better of it.  His heart is sinking, he's thinking of his Mother and how much she will miss him.  Then he thinks of his Dad and realises how astonishingly devoted to God his Father is.  It fills his heart with an unexpected Joy.  Isaac realises, if his Dad does this task that God has Willed, then he will be able to meet God.  Meeting his maker didn't sound like a bad idea, neither did pleasing his God.

Isaac walks slowly with his Father to the Mountain, they are both silent, both with tears in their eyes.  They make it to the place, where they both make an Altar together. 

The Altar is ready.  Isaac sits on the Altar and looks at his Father, who still hasn't spoken.  Isaac starts off a prayer that they both start to say in unison.  "I will love my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my might."  Isaac pleads with his Father, "Please Dad, make it a clean cut, don't make me suffer."  Abraham doesn't speak, he holds his son down on the Altar and he lifts his other hand with the knife and is just about to slash Isaac's throte.   (Isaac looks into his Father's eyes and a tear rolls down his cheek.)  (Abraham is sweating, his heart is about to burst, but he knows he must do it, because his Mighty God has commanded him to do so.)  God is sitting there watching with The Adversary and is weeping.  God is pleased with both Abraham AND Isaac.  The Adversary is rolling his eyes and saying, "Fine, I tried.  Stupid humans and their unwavering Faith.  Makes me sick.  You win."  God's heart is filled with Joy and moments before Abraham's knife come's down to kill his beloved son, God sends down an Angel to stop him and tell him that God can see very clearly how much Awe of God he has in his heart.  *

Abraham is standing in front of this Angel, trembling. His mouth is dry, his eyes are sore and swollen.  He drops the knife and falls to his knees.  Isaac joins his Father in front of the Altar and they both say a prayer of Thanks to God.  Their hearts are filled with an inexplicable Joy.  God has shown his Mercy (Hebrew: Adonai = Merciful God) and his Judgment (Hebrew: Elohim = Judgmental God.)  Through their actions they have experienced a deepening of their Faith and an alignment to God. They cry and embrace each other, Abraham kisses his son all over his head and squeezes him.  They pray again and they kiss the ground. 

There is nothing on Earth that can make you experience elevation of spirit and a connection with God like an extreme test. 

Note: *
Awe (–noun 1. an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of god)


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