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This has been a really busy month.  I've had some really important assignments due which are coming along very nicely.  I've really enjoyed doing them.  I got 100% for my last Greek test.  I think that's what I got for Hebrew too, can't remember it's been several weeks... 

I also got Baptised.  My parents never thought that was an important thing to do as Christians.  They're not alone on that one, but I disagree.  My favourite book of The Bible is The Book of John.  It explains exactly what I mean.  So I had to write a Testimony for that, it was very emotional.  I've had a busy social life, as well as hanging out with Sophia (my daughter) and making sure she is making friends too.  (She's 4.)  

The other really big thing that happened to me this month was doing my first ever Children's Talk.  Several people in our Church have had a go at it and no doubt find it an easy task and not much of a big deal, BUT if you don't know already, I'm studying the Bachelor of Theology.  I want to be a Preacher.  This upsets some people because they don't like the idea of a woman becoming a Preacher, (they refer to The Bible for their reason,) other's think I've been away from Church for too long...  You have to be careful, as I have discovered in my course, when interpreting The Bible, you need to make sure that the passage you might be referring to has been considered linguistically, contextually and historically at the least.  As for not being Christian long enough...  It's the newer Christians that give everyone a shake up and a rattle in the pews.  Enthusiasm for God's Word and the desire to tell everybody about Jesus...  I don't get how that is a bad thing...I'm getting the best guidance in the state at the least (from Tabor College) and have an awesome and supportive Church with a wonderful Leadership program.

Besides all of this I have to do a 50K walk for Charity on Saturday the 30th of April.  Thank you to everyone who has sponsored my walk. 

PS: I almost forgot to mention... Come to Friday Night Games!  I'm cooking for that too.  

The first day back after Sophia had spent four days with her Daddy.  I had missed her. 
She's such a poser.  We had lots of fun eating chocolate and making faces.  Happy Easter. x

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