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Living in Christ: Prayer Journal (2)

I've been reading a book called, "Streams of Living Water," by Foster, which is a prescribed text for us and it has a whole chapter on living a prayerful life.  Ever since I started reading this book, I've started praying even more.  My life was already full of plenty of prayer.  It seemed as though there wasn't room for anymore, but alas, like there's always room for more dessert, there's always room for more prayer. 

I do my usual praying and then pray with my friends, my family and find even more and more people to pray for each day.  (I remember when I was a child, I used to pray every time I heard ambulance sirens, for the people inside the van and anyone else they would have as a patient.  That would mean as a 10 year old I was doing a lot of was a bit exhausting, but obviously had some value, otherwise I wouldn't feel compelled to do it.)

  • Over the holidays my parents weren't getting along, so I prayed with them, made them dinner and then served them Holy Communion.  They stopped fighting.
  • I watched the last Harry Potter film with my friends and at the end of the movie, we stopped to pray before we left the building. ( I cried.)
  • With my 4yr old daughter Sophia, we recite the Alphabet, in English and Hebrew, AND pray The Lord's Prayer before she goes to sleep every night.
  • Whenever someone is sick, I pray for them.
  • I pray before I eat anything.  Most of the time in silence so I don't offend any non-Christians that might be dinning near me.
  • I have an illness that doesn't have a cure, so I take the herbs that help and ask others to pray for me, to manage it.  (The herbs and prayer work.)
This is about the only place I don't feel comfortable praying... 

Note: Let me know if this is your artwork.  : )


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