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Update with Some Good News

I thought I might update my journal for those who are not on my facebook and for those who are not on facebook at all and occasionally check in on me to see how I'm going...

I have been sick for quite some time, but I obviously have a lot of people praying for me, because I'm getting better.  I want to say how grateful I am to everyone praying for me.  All of my relationships are on the mend too, including with my parents.  That's a very big deal and a miracle.

Also turning 40 has opened my eyes to a lot about how the world works.  I have stopped expecting so much from myself.  I'm already doing as much as I can with the means I have and the energy I have, as a mum and a partner.  (I'm keeping up my spiritual disciplines as well and they are holding me together at times).

Take care everyone.  I'm very grateful for your support.  Stay tuned for some other good news and improvements.  :)



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