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Batman in the Snow

Awkward Conversations...

Today I went along to Midsumma Carnival in Melbourne.  It's an LGBTI festival that starts off the Midsumma week of celebrating being Queer.  At this carnival all Transgender and Gender Diverse groups get an opportunity to get together and say, "hey we exist too!"  Which is very awesome.  However... I was unfortunately part of a conversation that disappointed and slightly shocked me.  :(

I stood there, not knowing how to respond to someone who was very casually and happily separating the two groups Transgender and Gender Diverse, as if there were no such people as Trans & Gender Diverse (the ones who identify as both, ie: me and many others).  So according to some people there aren't any Transgender Non-binary people...  Oh my God.  I thought we were moving forward with education and understanding of difference within our community, but alas some of us are apparently still scared of the "other," and of anyone that might threaten their own status.  I hope we can all mature and get passed this.

Please don't erase the existance of all non-binary identifying people, just because you aren't able to move slightly out of your own comfort zone to be able to be inclusive and affirming.  Transgender Non-binary people exist too, please get used to it.


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