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In other news...

I bought myself a new pair of shoes coz shoes make girls happy,  right? They make me about 6 foot tall, eveyone has a laugh when I wear them, but they are oh so cute.   Oh and I can't run in them, not that running is a priority when in them.  : )

Click on : Demonia Women's Goth Shoe to see it:

Demonia: Mary-Jane Buckle Shoe

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Dem's some serious heels!

Lol, they're great aren't they??? :)

I'm not a heel wearer myself, but I can appreciate a nice pair when I see them.

Fair enough. :D I love'm.


I can only see the one!

They're well cute. Demonia, ahh x

Ah, thanks for letting me know. I had trouble with some of the editing features on lj, so when you guys send me a message with this post it shows me all four of the pix that I posted. Annoying but if you only see the one pic, that's cool.

Yes, Demonia, we have new really super fucking cool two chicks that sell it at, of all places, Caribbean Gardens every second Sunday. They're a great price too. Mine were $48 and now they're $50 but that's still good for Demonia shoes. :)

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