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Sometimes I feel empty...

Aaaaaaahhhh, I have waisted so much of my free time with bullocks!!!  What the hells wrong with me?????  I've just read some feminist theory and a little on  Laura Mulvey's, "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema."  *breathing heavily into a brown paper bag*  I feel a bit better now.

I didn't read much when I was pregnant with Sophia cos I was always sick, then after she was born, well she was there to look after 24/7 and only now I'm just getting truly creative and inspired again.  Hope I can find more time to do this creative stuff.  It feeds the soul.

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Banana smoothies also feed the soul.
Unless you're allergic ot bananas.
Then they kill you.
But the souls journey is furthered thus, so that's still up for debate...

Hmmm, am not allergic to them, maybe it's time for a snack. Thank goodness I wont die, enjoying such a great pleasure.

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