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Always with the changing of plans...

Does anyone have any advice or someone they can refer me to?  I don't really want to be a model, so the plan to go and do modelling for a week in London then come back isn't really something I want to have happen.  If it was lined up sure, but so far it's not so does anyone have any other suggestions?

If I can have several job interviews lined up, Tony will let me go for a week during Christmas time. 

Maybe I should go for a job at Starbucks!  Lol.  At least I know I'd definitely get the job there...  *pout*

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There's a whole section for jobs in the uk on seek

Ha ha, thanks I had no idea. Will go searching asap. Cheers.

Don't all Australians who visit the UK become mega stars?
Or do you have to be on Neighbours first!? ;P

Are you pickin'??? Lol. Oh God Di, please don't think that I haven't tried several other pathways into getting there. The thing will be my last resort. Neighbours is rubbish, I never wanted to be a model, I love writing and have several projects that I think most people will like, that are truly- uniqely an expression of who I am rather than trying to copy or be a part of something to do with other people's creations. I'm proud of the work I'm producing at the moment, but alas the only things that may happen with them for now is exhibitions rather than the big bucks I would like to make for my family. *sigh* Anyway, haz a looks at my website for some of the info on what I'm up to, there's more though. ;)


I don't think I put in enough exclamation marks there! :)
I was having a go at the entertainment industry... making broad generalisations... that sort of thing. It's what I do best!

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