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Vivienne Westwood...

Is it really uncool for me to like Vivienne Westwood?  I was reading the latest edition of the online Vogue Magazine and it lead me to this link so now I'm in love with some of her designs... 

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Its actually the law that you should like Vivienne Westwood, cos shes properly amazing and deserves your adulation. I went into her store the other week and just about wet my pants.

When no one replied to that post, I thought, wow Marylou, you're really uncool, but at the same time I didn't care cos I really like her stuff anyways. One t-shirt cost 120 pounds... Wow.

BTW, most disappointed with those oils I bought. Yours have been sent to your Australian address, hope you have better luck. xo

Shes brilliant. Never accept any other opinion on old Viv.

I think they arrived, did you address it to Ayup? Billy emailed me in bemusement. ;-) x

? pretty sure I did. But he recieved it right? I gave you a load of free samples too. Hope it all arrived ok?

It's interesting, I often look at designer clothing and then manage to find stuff that looks like it at the Thrift shop but a lot of her clothes are not like that. You'd have to have the money to get hers specifically. THere's no way I'd find the kind of pants she designs. Oh well, maybe one day. :)

Yep, all arrived in good order. Cheers for the samples, you are a peach ;-)

Lip Service sometimes rip off Westwood designs in their punk & disorderly range. Also check japanese punk sites as they rip off her stuff something fierce. What pants were you keen on in particular?

Glad the order arrived AOK. :)

I was interested in a pair that were tight at the waist and were totally high waisted and then are really baggy at the rest of it. Like a skirt. Actually, not very punkish at all. It came with a blouse with a huge frill on it and a really sloppy looking blazer. The shirt was grey and the jacket a dull mercy blue. If anything the girl's hair looked punky but the clothing just looked kind of artsy/bohemian style. *shrugs* I liked it. Lol.

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