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You Must Try This!

Green Smoothie!

1cup of vanilla soy milk

1 banana

1 teaspoon of honey

a handful of green spinach

the juice of one small lime

Blitz and enjoy.  It's heaven!

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I guess soy milk doesn't interact with citrus in that bad, curdeling sort of way!?

Not at all. This smoothie comes out really really smooth. Surprisingly tastes really great. *shrugs*

I never really got into smoothies. I mean, if someone makes it for me, I'll happily drink it! But I got more into juices. Especially carrot juice. All that sweetness with none of the bothersome chewing lol!


I actually had two of those said smoothies this afternoon. Can't get enough of that flavour. The spinach by the way, doesn't have a strong taste, it just blends into the rest of the ingredients and I put heaps of spinach into mine. Earlier I tried it with Broccoli and that was great too. :)

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