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Tell me a little about yourself?

Girls: I feel most comfortable around.  I'm pretty much always at ease with women.

Boys: If I seem like I don't like you, it's probably because I like you.  I'm just not very good with boys.  Before you assume I hate you, ask me.  You might be surprised by the answer.

Allergies: Aftershave and Perfumes. Gives me asthma.

Things I like: Sushi, Afternoon Tea, Vintage Clothes and Stores, Any physical Exercise, Going to the Movies, Theatre.  Cooking, Swimming, Raising Money For Charity, Reading, Yoga, Learning Web Design, Kissing and Warm Hugs, to name a few.  I also am obsessed with the colour pink.

Things I don't like: Homophobes, Rudeness, Rain on my hair.  Actually don't touch my hair.  Lol.  I don't like shaking hands when I meet someone.   Cigarrette Smoke.

I don't drink alcohol.  I don't go clubbing.  I prefer quiet nights in.


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"Actually don't touch my hair"
...You and me both sister! :D

Lol, yeah never been into the running the figers through the hair thing or random touches on top of the head. It makes me feel uneasy.

Patting my hair/ head makes me feel like a pet dog; and I've broken more than one comb with my Curls Of Doom!!!

I was thinking that before too, it feels patronizing. Lol, curls of doom. They're very purdy though. :)

You forgots to add you like Chai - chai with soy milk and honey is our friend... LOL - Gabbi

Good point I love Chai very much. Hope to have some with Almond milk while I'm in London. x

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