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We're finally here!

wow, i have internet access for the first time in a few days and that feels really weird, not to mention how cold my fingers are in this london internet cafe.  there are no uppercase letters in this post because they don't seem to have a shift button?  Oh I just found it...  Lol.  Clearly not in the same place as mine at home.  We are in Covent Garden this morning and clearly no one gets up as early as us.  The market is taking it's time with opening.  All the staff in shops are of a non-english speaking background and I haven't seen one white person in the transport department yet.  We had coffees at a posh little cafe called Boswell's and the staff all spoke portuguese and were gorgeous.  A very fine example of women with curves who are absolutely beautiful.  Everyone seems friendly so far and very helpful.  We are pretty lost as we look around but I keep running into stuff that I've always wanted to see in person, like a place called, Preta Manger.  It's a nicely presented cafateria on most corners here. 

I'm looking forward to the markets opening and the shops so we can have a look around, though the shops have more interesting and different things to the stuff we have in Australia.

Oh and I nearly forgot!  I have some amazing news, I don't have to get a work Visa!  I'm a member of the European Union!  I nearly cried when I found out, so maybe I wont be leaving so soon.  Have bearly spent any time here and am loving it already.  |t is cold though.  People keep giving me funny looks coz I don't have sox on and I'm wearing a knee high skirt.  I'm shivvering my bubkas off.  I have gloves and a scarfe but it's my legs that are cold right now.  Oh well I'll be wearing sox as well as pants tomorrow. 

We're still going to Sake No Hana tomorrow night which I'm looking forward to.  Hope we're appropriately dressed when we get there?

That's all my frozen mind can think of writing for now.  I miss Gabbi.  You wouldn't believe the strange things that have happened already... Knowing you though, you would.  AND, you would love it here too, wish you could hang out with us. 

The city is beatiful, I've seen heaps of lovely traditional cabs, phone boxes and there are lots of lovely old buildings.  So far it was worth the long and arduous trip from Australia!


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Jeepers! You must get up VERY early if the markets are still setting up!
There's more fun to be had! Keep exploring :D

Our feet are killing us. We've just come back from Camden Markets and I bought a black jacket that I've wanted since the eighties. Lol.

We were up by 7am, which for us is kinda late. Usually Sophia's up by just about 6:30am ever day, has done for the last 2 years. :)

Goodness me you are up early! Very envious of you being there right now, and a little sad I'm not there too! Still, keep us posted about all your adventures, I remember the excitement of my first visit to london...=D

Will keep everyone posted for sure. Don't worry, you'll work it all out when it's meant to happen. I know how hard that is to hear but it's true. :)


Just got back from a Mudgee wineries trip to find you landed and having fun already! Will look for more posts soon.

Thanks mate! x it has cheered me to see how many people have commented. x

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