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Double Decker Busses, Black Cabs, Kate Moss...

I didn't read any of my book today and thank god for that.  I DID end up going to the Wallace Collection with T and it was awesome.  They have an amazing collection of stuff there, not to mention a great cafe to have proper English Tea at.  There were some little old ladies having tea as well as some really well known millionaires.  The waiters are awful but the tea itself is fantastic and the treacle tart thingy that T and I shared was to die for.

We also went to the Tate gallery and were bored out of our minds with that.  Other than that we had lunch at a concrete city park.  I don't know where we were but it was kind of near Bond Street, I think.  I ate from a place called, "Eat," and had a salad that blew me away.  There is no excuse for being fat in England, great healthy food is affordable, fresh and delicious.  T   ate some pies from a bakery that we found eventually near the park.  M&S's, Eat and Pret a Manger's are way easier to find than bakeries, I'm pleased to say.  Where we live there are roughly about 6 bakeries all competing for business (in Australia).  They're all crap and I never buy anything from them.  I've decided that one day soon, I will make London my home.  I know you're thinking, we already knew that, but you can't know for sure until you actually get there and see for yourself, whether you like it or not.  There are way too many pros.  I had an off day yesterday but in general London is amazing and I love it.

T's ended up so happy with everything here.  We're both overwhelmed with how well things work.  The systems here are more functional than Australia's and the choice of good quality food and luxury items is, I don't know you just have to experience how cool it is.  Oh god, that just made me think of how cold it is here.  It's supposed to be Spring, but it's freezing. 

I'm running out of logic now, sorry, I'm really tired, we've walked for hours today, I still need to have a shower and get into my pj's like a good little nanna...  Lol.  I think I'll have some interesting things to write in my food blog?  *scratches head*  Who knows.  Lol.

Catchya later.  x

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Aww, you make me jealous! Now I want to go back!
Sigh, the tube - how effective it is!

It's pretty amazing, we hardly have to wait for anything. I don't like public transport though, no one talks on it, which I like, but it's still dirty and yucky as usual, I miss my car. We'll all go back together and THAT will be fun!

Hi sweetie! Sounds like yu guys are having a ball! Just so you know, you guys are missed down here, too... Thinking of you, sweetie - strong feeling your star to rise about to land on you... Have faith, and keep having fun!

Luv you!

I hate showing weekness and bubbly crap, but I have to say this... I miss you guys too. You're a good friend Gabbi wish you were here to experience awesome things there with me. You would have loved the Temple Church, The Wallace Collection and The Abbey. *sigh* We all have to start making plans to come here together!

Sounds like you're having an amazing time!!! I'm writing down all the places you're talking about, so when I eventually get there, I'll know where to go! Maybe by the time I get there, you'll be living there & we can hang out one day!! I'm not a big tea person, but I'm really dying to have a proper English tea!!


OMG Jenn! It's so great to hear from you and on lj and everything! I"m so excited. Thank you for commenting. I'm having such an amazing time, they're going to have to peel me off a pole to get me into the plane. It is so awesome. Read my next post and have a laugh! OMG! Lol. x

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