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Oysters, Peep Shows, Jesus...

Well today I'm feeling a bit bleh because I'm having a second visit from aunt flow in a month...  so not happy with that!  Puts you in the foulest mood.  T is in a stupid mood too probably because I am...  He went to the British Library while I went to hang out in Soho for a bit, went back to that book shop again and this time I DID buy that Mark Ryden book.  He's so weird but so wonderful.  I also got myself a little book on Frida Khalo.  God I love her.  Ate my lunch at Pret a Bumjer while I read my book on Frida!  It was such a relaxing and fun thing to do. 

Oh and I nearly forgot, had my photo taken out the front of the BBC studios.  I think that's all the memorablia that I want.  Last night I went to Top shop and wasn't that impressed.  Shopping night is hell in London.

I've decided not to do any souvenir shopping, it's all tacky, but we will buy a little policeman bear for Sophia.  Sorry Laura but there aren't any barrets with the union jack on them.

I'm a bit tired now and think I want even more Starbucks hot chocolate and some nuts.  Mmmm nuts...


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And that's why I hate football!
: )

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