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Hat, Gloves, Hoody, Money!

As you know by now, we don't ever follow our plans...  When we realised what Madame Tusade's was, we turned around and looked for the Science Museum.  We have no interest in posing with fake celebs let alone real ones???  Anyway, it has rained all day, but the sun has come out for a second just now.  The Wallace and Gromit exhibit was excellent, we have some awesome pics to share for that one and some cute memorabilia.  T wanted to look at some dinasaurs, but I didn't have the energy to stand in line to see them.  The line was extremely long...  T is now in some place in Charing Cross looking at something to do with Rubbing...  Brass?  Can't be bothered with that, so am off to find a Starbucks and chill in Covent Garden again?  Do you think I like that place or what?  It's just so very British.  When I have more time I'll sit and explain to the one's who've never been.  It's really nice and nice doesn't describe it either.

We had lunch in Euston at a place called, "Pizza Express."  The staff were cute but service was slow.  I loved my cheeseless pizza which I will describe more in my food blog at a later date and T had a lasagna and garlic bread, he was disappointed with both.  Oh well, I'm happy for once, so I'm cool with it.  Lol.  He's happy right now with his rubbings, I'll be happy with a, "soya caramel hot chocolate," any minute now.  I don't know where I'm going to have it though, either window shopping or in the basement of Starbucks.  I quite like hangning out in those little enclosures.  Even though I love people watching, there's something nice about hiding away from the cold and the rain and just curling up with a book and your hot cocoa.  Mmmmmmm...



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