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Is it that time already???


I'm writitng from the Gatwick Airport!

London was bloody brilliant, only a little sad to be leaving it coz I know I'll do everything in my power to get back there and next time it'll be for good. When I get to Melbourne will be working on European Union stuff with the German Embassy, will be working on the Food Blog, my new Recipe Book and The Skinny Chic You Tube Channel.

Today I met an Aussie girl in Covent Garden named Lauren who is the PR for Covent Garden itself, of course I left a card with her. :) Hope to bump into her again some time soon. Was great to meet her and chat.

I will miss the trains even though one of them nearly crushed me today. I will miss, "Eat." I will miss Waterstones, but that's online anyways. Will miss Starbucks, but actually we did end up getting some little souvenirs (and amongst them was a gorgeous cup I will use to make my soya hot chocolates at home with etc.) They're the least tacky we could find from the Tower of London, oh and what I'm wearing now which is a little tacky but I wanted anyway. It's a hoody which has the word London across the boobs, I think you know the one, don't worry, we have pictures. Lol.

Looking forward to wrapping my arms around my little girl, looking forward to catching up with friends and planning our next trip WITH you guys. x

Here's a pic from my last day in Covent Garden.


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I've fallen way behind on my commenting...Loved reading about your adventures in London, especially all your little discoveries! I'm missing that city more than ever now!
I have to confess the first few times I visited, I cried when I I don't blame you if you do the same! =D

I'll be honest, I saw something that made me very sad when I was at Charing Cross Station picking up our luggage at the end of the day going to Gatwick, but I cheered up pretty quickly afterwards. We just weren't able to fit absolutely everything we wanted to do in. Got the most of it done, but now that we're back in Melbourne I have a multitude of things to do. x

See, I told you that you'd have a great time in London!! Hopefully by the time I go, you'll be there as well & we can hang out! I've loved reading your reports & can't wait to go myself. Found out that shoulder surgery isn't going to be as expensive as I had imagined, which is long as insurance keeps up their end of things!! So maybe I can sneak a trip in the fall instead of next year!

Have a good trip home & looking forward to hearing everything & seeing the pix. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with your blog & stuff, & let me know if there's anything I can help with from the States!!


OMG, I love hearing from you Littlebritlover!!! x

With any luck we WILL be hanging out in London while you're there! I'll be working on it over the next couple of months. Will mkae announcements about my food blog really soon, so excited about it. I'm currently exhausted, sorting the washing and getting ready to meet my little girl for the first time in 10 days, we're all very excited. x

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