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Did I Upset You? Hope So... Hope I made you think about how you view yourself and what you eat!

A short while back I made a deal with the local shops and swapped my business cards, that advertise my food blog for advertisement on my blog of their fruit and veg stores.  I also happened to go to the Health Food Store to do the same thing.  Ever since then, the woman who owns the store has looked at the site and doesn't have a warm welcome for me anymore.  I realised today through a conversation about the vitamins that I was buying that it's probably because she doesn't like the fact that I have a food blog that gives out so much advice while I'm not an expert.  I never professed to be an expert and constantly point out that I only say that this is what has worked for ME.  Just sharing what has worked for me.  She was so unpleasant that I thought about not going there anymore but they're my local supplier, so I'll go there till she asks me to stop.  I like them?

Anyway the point is I'm pleased that my blog has been getting such extreme reactions.  You either love it or hate it.  Thank god most people like it.  She's the only person I know outwardly that doesn't like it so far.

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Maybe only go into the shop when she's not in?
I have a friend who somehow got off on the wrong foot with the main lady at his local video store - to the point where he devised what her roster was and only goes in when she's not working. He goes to the competition down the road if it's during her work times even thought they're not as good a value.

Lol, if she makes a fuss about it, I'll only be able to buy our health food store goods from Knox which is further away and more annoying. Oh well, it's her monetary loss in the end... You should have seen her face that time I came into get some flaxseed oil capsules she looked like she was going to yell at me. It was such an impassioned response. I really relished it. Don't worry I know there's something wrong with me.

You seem to have found your cause in life - perhaps, when you get to London, if you haven't done something here, it would be worthwhile seeing if there are any causes about becoming a nutritionist?

Indeed, I've definitely thought about it. Maybe THAT will be my way of getting into the UK? That besides becoming famous and being offered citizenship through demand and interest from the publlic...Lol. I would have to become a uni student there and finish my degree, then be granted a work visa then have an op to work there then become a citizen. It's not impossible.

You will find your way. x

interesting, have you thought of having a chat with her about why she is so opposed to educated consumers making thoughtful personal choices? Sharing personal experience is not the same as giving advice as you rightly stated. For that matter, there's alot of people running health food shops who aren't naturopaths or nutritionists

As far as I know she is a qualified hypnotist and hires a naturopath to work for her. I'm not too fussed. I've made myself clear. As for a confrontation about it, I'm not to sure about that, she looks pretty upset about it. She's pretty skinny herself and she probably has a few issues about food herself so it could get to personal and icky. I'd hate that. I'll see how the next visit to her store goes but if it's too awkward after that, I'll just start buying from Knox. I have to refill my card holder every month now. So many people are interested in my blog. It's starting to get overwhelming. I wish this person whom I wish to publish my book would get back to me...

a book would be fantastic! I also think you'd be a great life coach :)

THANK YOU so much! Hmmm, which course to do now, life coaching or nutritionist... I bet there's a course with both in it?

i'd hire you! it's very hard to find a nutritionist without their own eating disorder..i was an outpatient at a hospital unit for 3 years and found i very frustrating

Ha, isn't that interesting. No I eat like a horse, all my friends who hang out with me see it and so do guests. They think it's weird that I could eat so much and still be thin but as I say on my blog, it's about choice of foods and when. If I've been really good for weeks and I feel like some lemon merang pie, sorry about the spelling. I will bloody have some. Did just the other day and it didn't kill me, so long as I don't do it every day.

Unprompted complements... aaahhh so nice. x


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