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A spot of painting...

I've finished the knitting but still need to cast off so it's still sitting on the needles waiting to be finished off properly.  I've taken a photo of the wool so you can see what colour it is.  The end result will be shown at a later date as mentioned before.  I also decided that I wanted to paint a chest of drawers in our house, green.  Tony doesn't like the colour but appreciates that it's one of my favourites and is happy to tolerate it, but we both like the colour of our new feature wall in our bedroom.  We've been meaning to do this for ages, now it's done.

The wool sitting on my laptop, where I twitter away...

Tony starting off the paint job for me...

The result.


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I'm not really a 'pink person', but I like the way it accentuates the lamp; and it seems to have some brown hues in it which means it goes well with the bed and any other earthy tones you might have in bed spreads.
(I have just returned from an exercise in bathroom renovation at Harvey Norman with my mum and dad, so I'm -up- with the lingo!)

Lol, the wall is supposed to be purple. It looks very different in person and on top of that it looks even better and different at night. The green is richer and the tones overall are more earthy. It's turned out really nice and Tony likes the green now that he's seen it on my blog, for some reason. He also likes how it looks at night. :)

I'm a fan of earthy tones. I really like browns. They become scarlet or cream of straw or pine so easily.

Yes they do. I wish you could see it now, it's so much nicer than the photo. The photo also had too much flash which I didn't know how to adjust, without the flash you couldn't see anything so it just had to be over exposed.

Lol, I just read your comment again and realised that you'd gone to see some bathroom reno stuff. I had read, "I've gone to do some exercise with my mum and dad... at Harvey Normans." Yes I was a bit confused, but accepted it. Lol.

Yeah.. just joggin' 'round the couch display after a free espressoo from a demo model... Yeahhp.

Lol, I think I had a mental image like that at the time. :) I did say it left me a little confused. :)

I like that color on your wall! It's really pretty. I'd like to repaint my walls, but there's just too much furniture to move right now. Maybe this summer I can bribe my 11 year old nephew to help me! :)

It definitely is easier with help. I was going to paint the whole wall myself but Tony insisted on having a go, so I took over when he got tired and he did all the bits I couldn't reach.

I realised today that the room is now the same colours as this blog. I must really like these colours. Lol.

Like I was saying to my friend though, this photo doesn't do it justice, it's a much richer colour in real life and is way nicer at night with the lamp on. Our house is feeling awesome at the moment. Just wish it was in London. ;)

Ha ha, yes, it would be awesome. You being a lawyer and me being a writer, sipping lattes and having a laugh together. Would be very nice. x

Other than I don't drink lattes, I think that'd be awesome!!! ;)

Lol, I usually don't either. If I do it's a caramel, quarter strength, soy latte or I have a soy caramel hot chocolate. Either of those from Starbucks in London is pretty awesome. I have the quarter strength lattes at work to stay awake but the caramel soy hot chocolate in London, cos it's so yummy. I miss London. I want to go and never come back!

Hmmm, I'll need a lawyer when I'm famous, whatya think about that? Lol.

I'm not a coffee drinker. Can't stand the taste, but I do enjoy the smell. I think it's because it reminds me of my grandparents house. My grandma would put a pot on in the morning when she woke up & that thing would not be empty all day!! I don't know how she slept after ten cups, but she did!! I'm good on some hot chocolate though......;)

You'll have to get a real lawyer, but I'll take care of all your paperwork! That's what I'll mainly do as a paralegal, but I can at least say I knew you before you were famous!! :D lol

Sorry I get confused about what you're studying. IF you could give me a link to your course maybe I would understand what it means better. Hmmm, hot chocolate. Yum.

I'm studying so many different things, it'd be hard to give you a link, but I'll try to explain it to you.

What I'm going to be when I graduate is a paralegal. What a paralegal does is basically all the footwork for the lawyer. I don't know what they'd be called in other countries, but when you go to an attorney here, the paralegal will get all your information, do all the paperwork & take it to the courthouse to be filed. Then they will help the attorney with the case, by doing more paperwork, doing research for the case, & whatever else the attorney needs to present the case in court. When I get proficent enough at it, I can represent people in small claims court, but most people there don't really need legal representation. But I can open my own practice, if I get an attorney to sponsor me, & do things like prepare divorce papers, bankruptcy paperwork, & things that don't really need an attorney to do. But the attorney who sponsors me has to check off everything, just to make sure it's all legal. Does that explain it better?

Oooh, hot chocolate actually sounds really good, because it's been raining & snowing off & on all day today. Come on! It's supposed to be spring!! ;)

Thanks, I think I understand it way better now. I think I might go have some hot chocolate now, it's Autumn here and it's a pretty cold day. Hot chocolate and knitting. Mmmm. Can't wait to show off my new pink scarf. x

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