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"Do You Wanna Gag Me?"

 As I was leaving for work this morning, I turned to my husband and said, "darling, could you please pick up a copy of, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," for me?"    He asks, "why, does it have David Walliams in it?"  (With a hint of cheekiness in his voice.)  I answer non-shallontly..."No, it has Russell Brand in it."  He looks puzzeled, then puts his hand tenderly to my forehead and asks if I'm ok.  He asks, "Who's Russell Brand?"  I answer, "He's that guy that was on telly the other night, the fast talking, skinny dude who was flailing his arms about and making funny faces."  He turns to me with yet another puzzled look and says...

Husband: Are you sure you want that one?

Marylou: Yeah want that one.  (Looks at husband with wide brown eyes and flutters eyelids.)

Husband: Because if you decide you don't want it, I'm not going all the way back to the store to get a refund, you'll be stuck with it.  Do you understand?  I'm only getting it if you REALLY want to see it.

Marylou: Want that one.  Please.  (Smiles sweetly and knows her husband can't refuse her now.)

Husband: Ok, but if you decide you want to return it you'll have to do it yourself.  Have a good day.

Marylou: Thank you darling.  (Sighs)

Now for the review...

Oh dear, Jason Segel needed someone funny and cute to help the film stay afloat...  so he employed Russell Brand.  The downfall of this movie is the cast.  Jason's not very attractive or likeable so his scenes are boring and irritating.  Kristen Bell is kind of sweet but also doesn't give her part enough life, but to be fair, the script was dull.  Mila Kunis as the receptionist, well what can I say, besides the fact that I have a thing for brunettes, she played a cool character and had some funny bits in it.  Russell Brand however stole the show.  There wasn't enough of him in it.  Everything he said and did was hilarious and witty.  If he hasn't made it big in the US it's only because no one understands him.  He's too clever and fast paced.  Americans seem to enjoy more pantomime such as Little Britain USA.  I'm not putting LB USA down, I'm just saying that it's a style that Americans are more accustomed to and can easily absorb.  (Sorry Jenn, not all Americans are slow and stupid, not all of us can be lawyers like you.  : )  )  Russell on the otherhand is just too quick witted and too British.  You have to understand a lot fo British culture and 70's and 80's culture and history to always be on his level.

I'm not going to describe the film to you because I hate giving details away.  I like people to make up their own minds.

The film is a bit of a boys version of Bridget Jones's Diary, but not as funny or entertaining.  The only two scenes I can really remember well now that I've watched it are, Aldous Snow (played by Russell Brand)  doing Yoga and being molested by the Yoga Instructor and Aldous Snow teaching the Christian guy how to make love to a woman with some gigantic chess pieces.  Hilarious scenes. 

I've got heaps of notes I took while watching the film, but honestly it's too boring to go through, so I'll stick to saying a few more words about Russell Brand's performance since I'm kind of just watching these films to see if Russell Brand is any chop.  

I can honestly say now that I'm sort of becoming a fan.  He's funny, intelligent and above all fearless.  You have to be fearless to be truly funny.  Even if you're a bit dim, fearlessness can be a saving grace, but Brand is clever as well, so he's intimidating and a bit scary, but that's probably why everyone likes him so much.  We admire heroes because they dare to do things we would only dream of doing.  We only wish we could tell such entertaining stories and crack out funny one liners that make you wonder what kind of a mind can come up with stuff that quick.  (One that's had a lot of drugs usually, but he's obviously read quite a few books in his time too.)  Basically he isn't scared to make a fool of himself no matter what the situation and we love it.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Paul Rudd, he was the surfing instructor.  He should have played the main character.  Cute, sweet and funny.  You just wanna cuddle him.    : )

Bit of a boring chic flick, but worth it for the great scenes that include Russell Brand and hearing him sing is a pretty neat treat too.  Well done Mr Brand.  Apparently I have to go off and watch, "Bedtime Stories."  Hope it's not boring.  I hate it when you can't get back a few hours of your life.

Oh and can someone tell me what this means?

Paul Rudd's Character: "I like her hair... I wonder if the carpet matches the pubes?"  Did he say that wrong or am I missing something?  I thought the carpet was the pubes or was that just a stupid joke?  It confused me.

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DO NOT watch Bedtime Stories, it's not even worth it for the Russell stuff. That movie is awful. Just warning you.

I really liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I thought the whole movie was really funny. And yes, 'the carpet matching the pubes' was supposed to be said wrongly, it was a joke.

Ok, I wont watch, Bedtime Stories. It sounded like rubbish anyway. I don't like Adam Sandler, so there you go, will keep a precious two hours of my life. Cheers.

Did I have to mention Russell Brand for you to make a comment on my blog? Lol. ;)

Thanks mate.

Oh and the carpet thingy. Well SEE how any joke that Russell WASN'T saying was really lame? I knew I was up on my filthy jokes. You have to be pretty disgusting to understand half the stuff Russell says anyway. Definitely not children's viewing.

Apparently Aldous Snow was such a hit that they, more or less, gave him his own movie...Coming soon:

Get Him To The Greek

AWESOME, it's now on my to do list! :)

Actually I think Russell Brand's not going to be in it, might not watch it after all...

I liked "Bedtime Stories". Of course I'm kind of a sucker for kid's movies!! It's not an amazing story, but for a rental it's not bad. My nephews thought it was great & want a hamster with buggy eyes! I loved Russell in it.

Oh, & thanks for recognizing that not all Americans don't catch on to British humor!! ;) lol

That's ok, there's a huge cultural diference and expectation from the audience. American's I've noticed with some things like a lot of visual gags. Like Teddy Bear and that special effects guy that used to injure himself with fake arms and fake chainsaws and stuff. Can't remember his name right now...I'll look Bedtime Stories up on the net and see if it's something Sophia might like?

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