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Marylou learning how to do something crafty with her hands, the world's gone mad!!!

Here is my second project with knitting.  It's not perfect but I'm still proud of it and like it.  It's in my favourite colour and will go very nicely with green and black.  Don't mind my tracksuit pants in the second photo.  I couldn't be bothered getting all dressed up just to show you how the scarf looked...  : )

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Have you joined Ravelry?

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if you mean the lovely people who have taught me to knit, then no, though they have convinced me to chose a first name. Anabel, so far. It's all very new and interesting. They've taught me 16th Century Dancing before but now I'm being drawn into this other side of things and Tony is learning how to do rapier... *shrugs* If they're the same people they're very nice and I really enjoy their company. :)

Well I'm impressed!!! I like the color & you've done a great job of it!! I so need to learn how to grandma showed me how to crochet, but it's not always the most succesful for me!!!

Lol, thank you so much for your praise. On closer inspection you would see what I mean. :) Other than that I've had a really stressful day, so it was REALLY nice to see your lovely comment on my post. Finishing a knitting project is like finishing a good book, a bit depressing. Now I've got this other green wool that I want to turn into a skinny scarf.

I was so stressed today, thanks for cheering me up with your kind words. :)

I'm glad that I cheered you up! Sorry I haven't followed up your sweet comments, it's been a little crazy here for the last couple of days. I'm seriously considering signing up one of my friends to pretend to be me so I can pass my math class! It's driving me crazy & I just wish I didn't have to take it, or that they would just accept a different class as the credit. I just have to keep going.....;)!!! One of these days, I'll get it. I just have to keep telling myself that! :D

I was just thinking that today...about the part about not giving up and keep in going part... Tony said, "have look at these people's websites and study and find out how they achieved their goals..." As if I hadn't done that before. I can tell you, in all of the interviews and comments that these successful people have done and said, is... "I never gave up, when no one showed up to our shows, no one wanted to see our material or no one was interested in us, we still kept going and plugging away, until one day it happened."

So, you're right, hang in there, keep at it and eventually you will succeed. x


OMG, worst grammar ever, in that last post. Lol.

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