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The Graham Norton Show with Gillian Anderson and Some Guy I Never Heard of...

The Graham Norton Show or The Posh Gay Slumber Party.    : )

Tonight it felt borderless in a bad way.  It didn't have limits that felt safe enough to do what you liked in.  Shows, like children,need their boundaries,  if the boundaries aren't there, then things go wrong, like boredom settling in...  Sorry Mr Norton. 

The man who made a speech at 10 Downing street and then took his clothes off, was funny only because nudity makes everyone giggle.

Don't get me wrong, I still like Graham Norton, I just think that the show is probably misplaced as a show suitable for Australian viewers.  He's very funny but too specific.  The jokes are too British and the guests, well I don't know most that appear on there and if they're not funny enough, I press the mute button and go make a cup of tea and start doing something else.  I will tune in again if I know of a guest that I like that is going to appear on the show, which is difficult because the guests are never publicised on the ABC's website.

ps: The Graham Norton doll was funny and frightening.    It was cute to see Mr Norton playing with himself.    : )

pps: I think I understand why I like shows like Ponderland and Little Britain now.  Little Britain has a really specific formula that appeals to nearly all generations and all English speaking countries and Ponderland does a similar thing with Intellectual banter thrown in to keep those who read books awake while watching.


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