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Relaxing Sunday Afternoon...

Morning: Did work out, twittered a little, worked out who I'm doing my next scarf for, bought some wool and more knitting needles. 

Today:  I stayed home with Sophia while Tony went out and played Jugger with some Brisbane people.  

Sophia and I went out for Sushi for lunch and then spent the rest of the day together at Nenneh's and Deddeh's.  Sophia, "fixed," a car with Deddeh and did some, "gardening," with Nenneh.  All the while I knitted a scarf for Tony.  It was a lovely day.

Now: Tony has picked Sophia up to go out to watch others do some training.  I have the house to myself to do some more knitting, or whatever I like.  More lounge dancing I think...  I have a few new albums should give them a bit more of a listen.  : )

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*squeeeeeeeeeel* I've had so much fun, but the cheaky bums will be home again soon, so need to calm down. :) Lounge dancing's awesome. Made me think of more to write in the letter I need to send with the scarf tomorrow. x

Hope you are well. I thought of you today. *hugs*

Mostly fine. Just trying to deal with some friends who are being Overly Couple-y and in doing so make me (and others it seems) feel like our value or right to do things we do naturally is non existant.
It's a very strange and subtle manipulation, and if it's not happening to you, it's almost impossible to see. For example - even though they stayed up late having barely muffled sharehouse sex, and slept in on Sunday well past midday, there's still an air that the tv has to be kept on very low, and one should tiptoe around and not bump or clang anything. Not that being loud would mean being yelled at. Instead there would be a reluctant 'getting out of bed' with some sighing and mention of 'how good they were sleeping'.
It's driving me mental, but I can't avoid them...yet.

That sounds very awkward and irritating. *hugs*

They are so couple-y there is no sense of individualty retained. They go everywhere and do everything together. If one can't make it, the other stays home. I haven't had to 'cut the cord' for a while, so this could get sticky.

Oh God, good luck. You are brave doing the confronting thing, but sometimes it just needs to be done.

I don't think it will be confrontation. I think it will be a gradual cut-off as they are seen less and less often.

I'm a bit confused, is this something that's happening in your house or are you talking about something that happens when you're being social with them?

Sorry that icon was a bit dramatic. Here try this instead.

It's happening at the BF's house, and during other public and private social activities.

God. Yeah that sounds irritating. I try to keep public affection to a minimum. I know sometimes it can't be helped but no one wants to see it all the bloody time.

Holding hands or The Hugkiss is fine.
A subtle arse grope or swift boobie squeeze... sure, I'll let that slide.
A quick pash in the background...Yeeeeah. Alllllright....
But being cut off mid-sentence and waiting on a reply for over thirty seconds... not cool.

Lol, I know what you mean. :D

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